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Org. Champion 014 – Your Company’s Problems Could be Bigger Than the Economic Downturn

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Deloitte has a brand new report called The Shift Index, and today we are going to talk about why you need to know about it.

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Org. Champion Webcast 013 – Getting On Top is One Thing, Staying There is Quite Another

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In the 13th episode of The Organizational Champion Webcast, we look at blog entries from Om Malik, CEO of GigaOm, a news blog focused on the communications and tech sectors and William C. Taylor, the author of Practically Radical.  We also discuss the difference between focusing on change management and developing a team that is agile and ready for anything.

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The 18th Century called, and they want their educational system back…

Don Tapscott, CEO of business strategy think tank nGenera Insight and author of Growing Up Digital and his latest book, Grown up Digital recently submitted an article on The Huffington Post titled, The Impending Demise of the University. His article challenged the traditional approaches to learning at the university level and encouraged universities to emphasize collaboration over lecture, and discovery and critical thinking over memorization. While this is nothing new as major educational institutions are working to re-engineer the university model, the speed and scope of the re-engineering process seems to be following the extremely slow pace of academia. Facilities, tenure, and accreditation processes are the sacred cows that might just keep universities tweaking a dying model instead of disrupting the model altogether.

Colleges and universities need to race to adopt an enterprise model for education. Every other institution does – government / military, religion, and business. Education could benefit by creating a more open source environment where more information is shared more often by more people. The speed of business has increased significantly around the globe. Therefore, so must the speed of education. Speed comes from an enterprise approach where the best theories don’t just come from the research labs of the Ivy League, but rather from anywhere both inside and outside the institution.

Some of you might challenge the integrity of education. But just like the best ideas, theories and content can come from anywhere; we also have evaluators, critics, and reviewers that can validate these theories from around the globe. More people are contributing and more people are evaluating. And more students are discovering their own opinions in the process, thus becoming critical thinkers.

Our organization is fortunate to work with the world’s largest university, and their size isn’t getting in the way of needed change. The University of Phoenix is on the move taking a decentralized, collaborative and interactive approach that brings timely opportunities to its students and corporate clients through its many partnerships around the world. Look for the University of Phoenix to be one of the key leaders in driving a new and valuable disruptive model for higher education.

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The Organizational Champion Webcast – Ep. 11 – Three Little Words That Tell the Whole Story

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In today’s episode, we discuss the grand site redesign to and a Champion’s three-word story. That and more on today’s Organizational Champion Webcast.

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From Diagnosis to Prescription – The Champions ECChO Report

Over the past year, SVI’s research team and technology team have worked together to create an assessment and report behind The Organizational Champions brand that is unique to all other assessments out there. This was quite a challenge since there are so many that measure anything from one’s personality traits to strengths & weaknesses to performance.
In the development of the Champions ECChO assessment and report, we operated behind five core principles:

Champions ECChO should be valuable and informative: The information needs to be relevant to the challenges that businesses and its leaders face today. The information also needs to be presented in a way that acknowledges the uniqueness of every individual. Therefore, we customized the information from the assessment according to each individual’s unique findings. Broad categories are broken down to anchors and anchors are further broken down to specific tips and recommendations.

Champions ECChO should be cost effective: After a significant amount of research and number crunching, we were able to establish the Champions ECChO as the low cost leader of validated leadership behavioral assessments. For under $20, anyone can purchase the Deluxe report that provides coaching tips, recommended action items, and trending data.

Champions ECChO should be valid and accurate: Credit Autumn Manning, SVI’s director of research. She is relentless in making sure we have thoroughly tested and validated our findings. The validation process came from thousands of surveys, hundreds of interviews, and hundreds of hours in analysis.

Champions ECChO should be clear: There should be no confusion of what is being assessed and why. ECChO is an acronym for Enlightened, Connected, Change-makers, who are Opportunity-minded, which represent the core principles behind organizational champions. Each core principle is supported by anchors that confirm the attributes of the most successful leaders, champions, in today’s economic, social, and political environment.

Champions ECChO should be applicable: So many assessments and their reports deliver a diagnosis – an analysis or opinion of what’s wrong. Few give a prescription – recommendations that can be taken to improve the diagnosis. The ECChO, not only provides the analysis, but it also gives the recommendations to improve based on your unique findings.

I’m extremely excited about the ECChO tool and the value it can bring to the Organizational Champions community because of its ability to meet these five objectives.

I invite you to take the Champions ECChO assessment at I’m confident you’ll find it enormously valuable to you and your development.


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